La Boca Neighborhood(Buenos Aires – Argentina)

The famous neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires is called LA BOCA because its first immigrants departed from Boccadasse – Genova – Italy to the Argentine port. Many tourists visit this neighborhood not only for its colorful buildings but also for the football field of the popular Boca Juniors club.

Boccadasse – Genova – Italy

A few minutes away from the city of Genova we find this small port called Boccadasse …. From this port the first immigrants left for Buenos Aires – Argentina. Enjoy this beautiful place having lunch in some of its restaurants that offer fresh fish just brought from the sea …. Let me help you organizeSigue leyendo “Boccadasse – Genova – Italy”

Amersfoort – Netherland

Amersfoort is a beautiful city very close to Amsterdam. Just a few minutes by train you can visit it and enjoy the beauty of its canals and its impressive medieval wall. This city was built as a defense (in 1028) and the highlight of the city is the Koppelpoort wall.  Let me organize your tripSigue leyendo “Amersfoort – Netherland”

Sintra…a place of fairy tales

From the Rossio station in Lisbon (40 minutes trip) you can be in this small town called SINTRA. Since we arrived and began to discover it, it was like feeling in a fairy tale … full of small castles among lush trees and beautiful gardens One of its biggest attractions is the QUINTA DE REGALEIRASSigue leyendo “Sintra…a place of fairy tales”

The Italian Riviera

“Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Is Sitting On The Other Side Of Fear.!!!“ George Addair The north coast of Italy, specifically Liguria, has so many attractions that our senses are sharpened to fully enjoy everything it has to offer us …. A good option to consider is to stay in the beautiful city of Genoa. GivenSigue leyendo “The Italian Riviera”

Netherland…is not only Amsterdam

Netherland….the awesome country full of canals and mills…it´s much more than Amsterdam….without doubts. If you are planning go to this beautiful place do not forget that you can visit several place close to Amsterdam where you will discover the real and typical life of the dutch people. Thanks of the efficient and punctual dutch transportsSigue leyendo “Netherland…is not only Amsterdam”

Paro de transportes…No desesperar!!!

Todo el entusiasmo, la ansiedad y la alegría de unas vacaciones en el extranjero a veces se ven empañadas por IMPREVISTOS, aunque creamos que lo hemos pensado todo….siempre surgen cosas que escapan a nuestros planes…por ejemplo un paro de transportes … PARO – STRIKE -SCHOPPERO – GREVE- STREIK  en todos los idiomas es un dolorSigue leyendo “Paro de transportes…No desesperar!!!”


Thank you very much to all the people in Argentina and around the world who read my publications … who liked my travel stories, the cities I have visited, my personal impressions of them and where I put all my passion for the trips to share with you … !!!

April in Europe..!!

When is the best season to visit Europe…? Surely you are thinking in Summer….It´s true…but also has it´s disadvantages..All it’s too much expensive, food, tours, transports, accomodation…and there are too many tourists everywhere… Why do not choose the Spring to visit Europe? Maybe there will be cooler days and you will not be able toSigue leyendo “April in Europe..!!”