I help you travel


Tourist advice – Accommodation search according your stylelife – Travel plan with maps, distances and transports – Carrying out itineraries for each city with local attractions, places to visit inside or outside of the city with prices and schedules, differents way to transports, free guide tours or paid tours…. Everything the traveler needs…everything in one place to save money and time….

Do you want to travel for your own?

I can help you plan a visit to a city including important information to take into account when making a trip to save money and time, especially if we do not know the local language. Together we organize your trip in a personalized way and with your traveler style.

Why have a travel itinerary?

How many times has it happened to us that we have arrived in a city and we lose time in getting to the hotel or the department?. Or we do not know which transport takes us to the places we need to go?. Or we do not know the different ways that local people have to save time and money with transport passes, turistics atractions schedules and rates, etc.?

What should a travel itinerary have?

An itinerary should have many things but what you cannot miss is your FLIGHT DATA – TRAVEL INSURANCE – TRANSPORTATION – ATTRACTIONS AND PLACES OF INTEREST – TIPS OF EACH CITY. The important thing is to have all this data in one place, printed or on a cell phone…. So that unforeseen events do not ruin your vacations…


My work is purely vocational and personal. I don’t work in a travel agency nor do I have any.

My passion is to travel the world, know the history of each country I visit, get involved with its people and learn about its traditions. .. I don’t want to be a typical tourist… I want to live like the locals live in the city.

I’ve visited 21 countries between America and Europe … and I know more than 200 cities … that’s why I want to share my experience helping other people realize their dream of traveling …



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