Hablemos de mi…

Soy una viajera apasionada, llena de entusiasmo y curiosidad por el mundo que me rodea… Viajo desde hace mas de 20 años recorriendo mi país, Argentina, América y Europa, conozco 21 paises y mas de 200 ciudades….he aprendido mucho y me han enseñado mucho mis viajes… Por eso ahora quiero compartir mis experiencias y misSigue leyendo “Hablemos de mi…”

La Boca Neighborhood(Buenos Aires – Argentina)

The famous neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires is called LA BOCA because its first immigrants departed from Boccadasse – Genova – Italy to the Argentine port. Many tourists visit this neighborhood not only for its colorful buildings but also for the football field of the popular Boca Juniors club.

Airbnb – How to avoid problems

After reading several negative comments, criticisms and disappointments on the Airbnb Facebook portal, I began to think about the problems that we can avoid in order to have a successful holidays. I have been using Airbnb accommodation regularly for more than 10 years and I have never had problems with the hosts, or with Airbnb,Sigue leyendo “Airbnb – How to avoid problems”

Do you want to visit Amsterdam?

I can help you….I visited this city several times….. I can organize your trip with importants tips to save money and time…in your holidays… This is a boathouse where I live when I visit Amsterdam…If I make your itinerary I give you the website of this place…and another options of accomodations… Amsterdam is an expensiveSigue leyendo “Do you want to visit Amsterdam?”

Sintra…a place of fairy tales

From the Rossio station in Lisbon (40 minutes trip) you can be in this small town called SINTRA. Since we arrived and began to discover it, it was like feeling in a fairy tale … full of small castles among lush trees and beautiful gardens One of its biggest attractions is the QUINTA DE REGALEIRASSigue leyendo “Sintra…a place of fairy tales”

The Italian Riviera

“Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Is Sitting On The Other Side Of Fear.!!!“ George Addair The north coast of Italy, specifically Liguria, has so many attractions that our senses are sharpened to fully enjoy everything it has to offer us …. A good option to consider is to stay in the beautiful city of Genoa. GivenSigue leyendo “The Italian Riviera”