Hablemos de mi…

Soy una viajera apasionada, llena de entusiasmo y curiosidad por el mundo que me rodea… Viajo desde hace mas de 20 años recorriendo mi país, Argentina, América y Europa, conozco 21 paises y mas de 200 ciudades….he aprendido mucho y me han enseñado mucho mis viajes… Por eso ahora quiero compartir mis experiencias y misSigue leyendo “Hablemos de mi…”

La Boca Neighborhood(Buenos Aires – Argentina)

The famous neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires is called LA BOCA because its first immigrants departed from Boccadasse – Genova – Italy to the Argentine port. Many tourists visit this neighborhood not only for its colorful buildings but also for the football field of the popular Boca Juniors club.

Boccadasse – Genova – Italy

A few minutes away from the city of Genova we find this small port called Boccadasse …. From this port the first immigrants left for Buenos Aires – Argentina. Enjoy this beautiful place having lunch in some of its restaurants that offer fresh fish just brought from the sea …. Let me help you organizeSigue leyendo “Boccadasse – Genova – Italy”

Amersfoort – Netherland

Amersfoort is a beautiful city very close to Amsterdam. Just a few minutes by train you can visit it and enjoy the beauty of its canals and its impressive medieval wall. This city was built as a defense (in 1028) and the highlight of the city is the Koppelpoort wall.  Let me organize your tripSigue leyendo “Amersfoort – Netherland”

Airbnb – How to avoid problems

After reading several negative comments, criticisms and disappointments on the Airbnb Facebook portal, I began to think about the problems that we can avoid in order to have a successful holidays. I have been using Airbnb accommodation regularly for more than 10 years and I have never had problems with the hosts, or with Airbnb,Sigue leyendo “Airbnb – How to avoid problems”

LA IMPORTANCIA DEL PLAN B ….a la hora de viajar

Muchas veces pensamos que lo que tenemos planeado a la hora de viajar al extranjero va a salir tal cual como lo imaginamos….pero lamentablemente muchas veces no es así. Los imprevistos surgen, y más cuando estamos en un país donde no conocemos bien el idioma. Es sumamente importante tener un PLAN B si algo no sale bien.Sigue leyendo “LA IMPORTANCIA DEL PLAN B ….a la hora de viajar”

Do you want to visit Amsterdam?

I can help you….I visited this city several times….. I can organize your trip with importants tips to save money and time…in your holidays… This is a boathouse where I live when I visit Amsterdam…If I make your itinerary I give you the website of this place…and another options of accomodations… Amsterdam is an expensiveSigue leyendo “Do you want to visit Amsterdam?”