Airbnb – How to avoid problems

Houseboat rented by Airbnb – Amsterdam

After reading several negative comments, criticisms and disappointments on the Airbnb Facebook portal, I began to think about the problems that we can avoid in order to have a successful holidays.

I have been using Airbnb accommodation regularly for more than 10 years and I have never had problems with the hosts, or with Airbnb, or with payments or with the department. For this reason I want to give some advice:

1 – Read “all” the reviews of previous guests, however laborious it is to take the time to read them, will avoid surprises. For example in the first 10 reviews everything is fine, there are no inconveniences and nothing to worry about, but there may be some guests who have complained about something. If it is important to you, do not hesitate to ask the host if that difficulty has been resolved. For example if silence is essential for you and there are guests who complain about external noise from the street or from the neighbors … do not rent that property … the host has no way to solve it. But if the problem is Wi-Fi or something in the bathroom, after a review the host will try his best to solve the problem.

2.- Read all the services offered by the host and if you have doubts ask for example a hair dryer, or if you have to climb stairs because the building has no elevator. Many hosts avoid saying that you will have to climb several floors with your bags, so it is important to read the reviews or ask before booking.

3.- Search the map of the departments you have chosen WHERE the department is located and locate it as exactly as possible on Google Maps. It is very helpful to verify if there are transports nearby, if it is a dark street or the unpleasant neighborhood. Now there are Google maps 3D or Google Earth where you can move through the streets like in a movie. It is very helpful

4.- Lee las políticas de cancelación, si éstas son estrictas, moderadas o flexibles en caso de tener que anular el viaje

5.- DO NOT choose a host that has canceled a guest’s reservation, that is highly inappropriate and can ruin your vacation. Always choose SUPER HOST WITH MEDAL with many 5 star reviews, nothing is certain but gives more confidence.

Of course there are unforeseen events. I had a bad experience in Madrid with a host who DID NOT CLARIFY that it was a pension with partition walls, so he had no good insulation and could not sleep due to the noise of the neighbors. It was MY MISTAKE for not reading all the reviews.

Other possible bad experiences: If you make a reservation too far in advance, the host may not have “updated” the prices and refuses the reservation. To avoid this inconvenience, ask the host a question so that he knows you are interested in the department. If the host changes the price, report it immediately to Airbnb through facebook ( or to the Airbnb in your country.

There are also problems with the Airbnb page so sometimes it does not allow payment, you would have to wait the next day to make it. This usually happens with internet communications. NEVER make a reservation with your smartphone, use the computer that is most reliable. Always notify Visa or Mastercard of the expense they are going to make before booking, this will prevent them from blocking it.

I hope I have helped, any questions … you know … ask with confidence through my site: or my e-mail:

Have a nice trip….!!!

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