Netherland…is not only Amsterdam

Zaanse Schanz

Netherland….the awesome country full of canals and mills…it´s much more than Amsterdam….without doubts.

If you are planning go to this beautiful place do not forget that you can visit several place close to Amsterdam where you will discover the real and typical life of the dutch people.

Thanks of the efficient and punctual dutch transports you can get in several minutes to many cities or places very different to crowded Amsterdam. Bucolics, quiets, full of tulipans or close to the see..are there to choose ….Le´s go to there.

ZAANSE SCHANZ: only 18 minutes from the Main Trein Station of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centraal) you can arrive this marvellous place …full of original Mill, museums, souvenirs shops and tipycal houses where live the local people now…yet!!

If you prefer arrive by bus you can get the Bus 391 wich departure is very close to the Amsterdam Centraal almost in front of it…The stop is call: Amsterdam Prins Hendrikkade …in 43 minutes you will arrive there.

VOLENDAM ; Just behind of the Amsterdam Centraal you can take a bus Nr. 316 that will leave you there in only 26 minutes….I´ts an incredible ports with several houses, shops, little restaurants where you can try the local food….smoked fish…The life seems to have stopped at that place

ZAANDAM: Another place very close to Amsterdam…´s very different because it´s houses and bulding are moderns. It´s main atraction it the great Inntel Hotel in the entrance of the city…you will not be able to stop admiring its forms and its original structure. Next to the main canal of this city you will find several restaurants and shops …enjoy walk along and drinking a beer with dutch balls.

Innel Hotel – Zaandam

Apart from this places….you can go to Utrecht, Amersfoort, Haarlem, Edam….All this cities are very close to Amsterdam….Go ahead and visit them, you will not regret … They are places full of beauty and tradition …. you can enjoy local dishes and visit buildings full of history.

I can help you….to organize this trip…and came through your dream…knows..the real Netherland.

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