April in Europe..!!

When is the best season to visit Europe…? Surely you are thinking in Summer….It´s true…but also has it´s disadvantages..All it’s too much expensive, food, tours, transports, accomodation…and there are too many tourists everywhere…

Why do not choose the Spring to visit Europe?

Maybe there will be cooler days and you will not be able to bathe in the sea, or sometimes you will have a rainy day … but if you think about it … you will have many other advantages.

1 .- The weather is very good almost all days….and the warm time is coming

2.- The prices are low yet…and you can find a good apartment or hotel with good rates. The same with the restaurants and shopping.

3.- There are not too much tourists everywhere…You can enjoy the city or the tours quietly…or to enter in the museum without long lines.

4.- if you choose Spain or Italy…surely you will enyoy the excellents days…close to sea…with temperatures more than 20 degrees.

5.- You will see flowers and happiness everywhere….The Spring is like this!!!

Cheer up … I can help you organize your trip to Europe in Spring … !!!

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Organizo viajes personalizados mediante asesoramiento e itinerarios de viajes. Un itinerario sirve para tener todo en un solo lugar y ahorrar mucho tiempo y dinero. Ayudo a mi cliente aún ya estando en destino por cualquier duda o inconveniente que tenga.

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