Do you want to travel on your own without risks?

Yes…it´s possible….and I can help you….!! (I am not Travel Agency)

How many times has it happened that we have arrived in a city and we waste time arriving at the hotel or the department?

Or we don’t know what transports take us to the places we need to go?
Surely we do not know the different ways that local people have to save time and money in transportation, food or place to visit, etc.
I can help you to plan a visit to a city including important information to take into account when making a trip saving money and time, especially if we do not know the local language. With regard to accommodation I can advise the best choice to fully enjoy a hotel, apartment or hostel ..
It is always very important after a long day of visits and excursions to rest in a place that gives us the serenity and the ideal comfort to regain strength ….

Together we organize your personalized trip … with everything you need to enjoy your best vacation ….

And when you’re at your destination … I can continue to help you through whatsapp or messenger … in case you have any questions or problems.

Contact me…!!!

Publicado por teayudoaviajar

Organizo viajes personalizados mediante asesoramiento e itinerarios de viajes. Un itinerario sirve para tener todo en un solo lugar y ahorrar mucho tiempo y dinero. Ayudo a mi cliente aún ya estando en destino por cualquier duda o inconveniente que tenga.


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