The Italian Riviera

“Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Is Sitting On The Other Side Of Fear.!!!

George Addair

The north coast of Italy, specifically Liguria, has so many attractions that our senses are sharpened to fully enjoy everything it has to offer us ….
A good option to consider is to stay in the beautiful city of Genoa. Given the advantages of its 2 train stations, Principe and Brignole …. we can visit the entire coast in a few minutes in the most comfortable way ..

Porto Antico (Puerto antiguo) - Génova
Porto Antico – Génova

Staying in Genoa we can discover the beauty of the nearest Italian coast and reach Rapallo. Small town but with many tourists given the proximity to the beautiful Portofino. From Rapallo you can take a boat that will make a stop in Santa Margherita and then leave us in Portofino …. so that we can delight in its excellent cuisine and dream views …. From Santa Margherite you can make a beautiful walk along the coast and walk to Portofino (5 km)

Another option is to take bus 82 that in a few minutes will leave us in Portofino along the coast so that we can enjoy its landscapes and the beautiful turquoise color of its waters ….

Rapallo - Liguria - Italia
Rapallo – Liguria – Italia

Also from the city of Genoa we can take a train that goes to the Spezia Centrale and travel to CINQUE TERRE ….. the towns of Vernazza, Monterrosso, Corniglia, Riomaggiore and Manarola … are spectacular !!! There you can have a drink or have lunch at the seaside in a unique environment.

In order to visit all these locations there is a train that leaves from La Spezia and is called Cinque Terre Express. It is a train with many tourists and there are always many people waiting at the stations …. keep it in mind if you travel between June and September.

You can also take a boat from La Spezia that will go through all the ports that I mentioned before and that has much more charm than traveling by train. From the water the views are incredible …

Vernazza – Italia

This trip was one of my favorites … I would undoubtedly go back to tour the Italian coast and I would spend much more time contemplating its sea and its picturesque constructions ….. There is so much to see … you will surely want to return as you I think…

Contact me and together we organize this wonderful trip … !!!

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